• Solving engineering problems in transair hospital mattress system

  • Project:
    Karomed Medical Equipment control units for Transair Dynamic Mattress Systems
  • Scope:
    correction of alignment problems

Transair dynamic mattress systems are designed to help prevent long-term hospital patients from developing pressure sores. Linked to an electronic control unit that hangs on the end of the bed, the systems direct a flow of air through the base of the mattress. This air flow gently moves the patient around, improving comfort and re-distributing pressure to help avoid the build up of sores.

The issue lay with the control unit’s metal arms, which had to align precisely with specific location holes. Whilst the design of the arms was relatively simple, a complex range of dimensions, angles and bends were causing Karomed’s team problems. The arms were not aligning with the location holes correctly, which was jeopardising the functionality of the whole system.

Orseal’s answer was a re-design of the arms based on a thorough analysis of all of the variables that had o be taken into account. This was prototyped, tested and found to overcome all previous alignment difficulties.

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