Orseal provide over 300 cases of valves to Iraqi oil fields.

When SCOP (State Company for Oil Projects) put out one tender for the Subba and Luhais oil fields in southern Iraq, Orseal – leading flow control solution providers – were delighted to be awarded the contract by KAR Group, to specify and deliver the huge range and quantity of valves required.

The Luhais field, 120km west of Basra, consists of facilities for the treatment of 5000BPD and the Subba field, 105km south-east of Nasiriya, consists of a separation unit of gas from crude at the existing north station, and a 39km pipeline to transport 10,000BDP of crude to the main pumping station depot at north Rumaila.

3” Class 600 Gate Valve

For this project, Orseal were commissioned to supply manually operated valves, from ½” to 30”. The client’s requirements went across a huge range of products –ball (both soft and metal seated), butterfly, gate, globe and check valves, including flanged and screwed valves with pup pieces. Materials, too, were varied with Orseal supplying valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, ali-bronze and duplex stainless steel. Class ratings were from PN16 to Class 2500.

Due to the scale of the project awarded to Orseal, the company carried out all inspections at their supplier sites, ensuring that all products conformed to end-user specifications, in a timely manner, and managing all the logistics associated with the project. This logistical management was a major element of the contract, and is a key part of the service that Orseal provide through their customised solutions expertise involving, in this instance, the preparation and review of over 4,000 pages of documentation. All goods were packaged for sea freight shipment from Orseal to their customer in Iraq, with all packing witness-checked and sealed for security. In total, the contract covered over 300 cases, 16 containers, with a total gross weight of over 325 tons.

28” Ball Valve Class 300 Welded Construction

As Champak Fakira, Contracts and Sales Director at Orseal, commented,
“Given the size of this project, Orseal were clearly very pleased to be awarded the contract and we’re happy that our diligence in managing both the logistics and the sheer volume of documentation necessary was recognised by our client, in selecting us. While this project is now complete, we look forward to further potential, related projects where Orseal’s expertise and diligence can benefit our clients, our staff and our supply chain, both within the UK and internationally.”


16” Class 150 Gate Valve

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