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Filanovskogo Oil and Gas Field

  • Client
    Filanovskogo field, North Caspian Sea
  • Project
    Oil and gas reserves
  • Orseal involvement:
    Supply of full range of valves to operate in temperatures down to -30°C

One of the largest oil and gas finds in decades

The Filanovskogo field, 50k offshore, was discovered in 2025. It has reserves of 153.1 billion tonnes of oil and 32.2 billion cubic metres of gas. Filanovskogo’s infrastructure includes a 21,000t central processing platform (CPP), 333km of subsea pipeline and 350km of onshore pipeline.

Valves supplied

For this highly prestigious contract we supplied a range of valves from ½” to 20,” manual and pneumatic, actuated and motor operated. These included valves in low-temperature carbon steel suitable for operating in conditions down to -30°C.

All valves conformed to GOST certification standards. We supplied all documentation and related drawings to ensure compliance.

Inspection visit at supplier site

Orseal consultancy

As well as supplying valves, we acted in a consultancy role on the Filanovskogo project. This included not only the specification of appropriate valves but also all associated logistical work and advice.

Our team went on site for a full inspection of all valves to avoid any discrepancies and non-conformity and to save the client time.

We also worked on logistics and delivery to the client’s site to reduce any delays. This included packing for air freight and delivery to the overseas client fabricator.