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Upper Zakum Artificial Islands

  • Project
    Upper Zakum oil field, Abu Dhabi
  • Type
    Artificial island-based drilling and production centres
  • Orseal involvement
    Valve supply, Phase 2

THE Upper Zakum oil field is a unique offshore project in Abu Dhabi. Orseal were delighted to have been chosen as one of more than thirty specialist sub-contractors for the venture.

An artificial island located 80km off the coast, the project is considered to be a major technical achievement. Using Extended-Reach Drilling (ERD) and Maximum Reservoir Contact MRC) technologies (applied in other parts of the world but never before in this region), the scale of the development was without precedent. Oil production capacity is 750,000 bpd.

All valve inspections, logistics and special packing cases were handled by Orseal.

Valves supplied

3” butterfly valve with pneumatic spring return actuator with all controls

We supplied a range of valves from ½” to 12”, manually operated and actuated. These were used in the vacuum pump package for Satah al-Razboot (SARB). The valves were in carbon steel and ali-bronze (for seawater).

We carried out full inspections to ensure that the valves conformed to all end-user specifications. These were particularly important because space was at a real premium in the skid design.

Al logistics had to be precisely managed and the full contract had to be delivered on the agreed date. All goods were specially packaged for air freight to Dubai, ensuring no damage occurred to any items during transit. Included with the delivery to Free Zone Dubai was a comprehensive document dossier.

12” butterfly valve with pneumatic spring return actuator