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WAFER type butterfly valve, coated ductile iron body, SS 316 disc, EPDM seat.

  • Ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40) body + epoxy coating. Standardised face-to-face according to EN 558-1 series 20
  • Stainless Steel CF8m AISI 316 Disc.
  • Aluminium lockable handle + epoxy coating. 10 positions; 0 to 90°.
  • ISO 5211 pad and square drive shaft for motorisation.
  • Flange connection with multi-standards positioning lugs (EN 1092 PN10-16, ANSI 150).
  • Nameplate with total traceability: PN, DN, Batch No. (Manufacturing Date)
  • End Connections

    Flanged Ends PN10 / PN16

  • Working Pressure

    16 Bar

  • Sizes Available

    DN50 – DN200

  • Temperature

    -5°C to +115°C

  • Specification

    EN 1092-2 Standard flange ends.
    Face to Face design to DIN 3202-F4

Part No.
Stem (mm)
174-DN50DN5016PN10-16/AISI 1509F0543
174-DN65DN6516PN10-16/AISI 1509F0546
174-DN80DN8016PN10-16/AISI 1509F0546
174-DN100DN10016PN10-16/AISI 15011F0552
174-DN125DN12516PN10-16/AISI 15014F0756
174-DN150DN15016PN10-16/AISI 15014F0756
174-DN200DN20016PN10-16/AISI 15017F1060
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