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Galvanised Malleable Iron Equal Female Tee

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

M.I fittings meet BS EN 10242:1995, BS EN 10242 and BS 143
& 1256, international standards, which has been verified by the
British Standards Institute (BSI) and are permitted to bear the
British Standards Kitemark Logo – Kitemark Licence No. KM67015.
MI fittings are approved by UL and FM.

  • End Connections

    BSPT Female x Female

  • Threads

    ISO 7/1 BS 21 Taper External and Internal Thread

  • Material

    M.I fittings conform to BS EN 1562 Designation
    EN-GJMB-350-10, ASTM A197 and ISO 5922.

  • Sizes Available
    1/8″ – 4″
  • Commodity / HS Code


Available options

Part No
MIGETF-1/81/8″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-1/41/4″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-3/83/8″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-1/21/2″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-3/43/4″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-11″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-11/411/4″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-11/211/2″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-22″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-21/221/2″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-33″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
MIGETF-44″Galv Equal Tee FxFxF
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